Constitutional Ligitation

This law office protects the interests of its valuable clients in Apex Court, High Courts, Federal Shariat Courts, Civil Courts, Revenue Courts, Special Courts and Tribunals.Our attorneys  team handles disputes between businesses or between a business and an individual.

Civil & Revenue Matters

The main services of this law office relates to civil and revenue litigation and from the day one this law office is keen interested to provide accurate advice, recommendations, guidance and legal support to clients with issues related to property sale, purchase, develop and lease etc.

Administrative Ligitation

This law office provides services concerning administrative matters across the Pakistan. We  represents clients in court cases and other kinds of adversarial legal proceedings such as arbitration, mediations and administrative law proceedings. Our litigation attorneys   are familiar with court pleadings and court processes. Our litigation attorneys are generally well-spoken advocates and are comfortable presenting cases in front of judges and juries

Corporate Ligitation & Services

In corporate sector this office is particularly providing services to the trade bodies for incorporation and all matters including litigation in constitutional courts, tribunals of Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Directorate of Trade organizations, Ministry of commerce and other ministries of Pakistan.

Dispute Resolution Expertise

This law office has very skilled and experienced associates to resolve disputes arising among our valuable clients and other parties in interest of any project, through true interpretation of relevant law and negotiations just to save time, repute and to watch interest of our client if and when required.Dispute resolution may also be referred to as alternative dispute resolution, appropriate dispute resolution, or ADR for short.